Assen Press 22.06.2017
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Assen Press 22.06.2017

Jorge Lorenzo (99) Ducati Team for Catalunya said : “Finally it was a good result, In the middle of the race I was a bit worried of staying there but then I could see that my front tyre helped us to recover some positions near the end of the race. Thats the second best position after Jerez”

“ Ducati is a complex bike, it’s a special bike but especially it’s totally the opposite as the bike I rode for the last nine years, which was the Yamaha. ” said Lorenzo.

“The Ducati is the opposite because you have to take profit of the good stability on braking, you need to understand that you need to use the rear brake to stop the bike, you need to use also some other techniques to make the bike more smooth in the exit of the corners.”

Maverick Vinales (26) Movistar Yamaha said “I think this year I can do a good result and be as strong as I was in the past.”

“Barcelona was a race to forget. I was lucky I could test Monday and Tuesday and feel good on the bike again…I know Assen is a good track for me.
Last year was good for me, not in the race because in the rain I was really bad, but on the dry it was good and consistent”

He said that he will use the new Yamaha chassis at Assen.

“…so we have to try to win. We have to controlled like we were in the first part of the season. We know we can do it, so we have to work, we have to get a good bike for the race …”

Valentino Rossi (46) Movistar Yamaha said : “We had a different chassis, and the first impression is good, I had a better feeling. But now we are very curious to try in another track with another grip level, another type of corners, and especially in a real race weekend, to understand if in reality with this new chassis we are able to be more competitive, and to suffer less, also during the weekend and during the practice.

“Yamaha worked on this [2017] chassis to improve the life of the rear tyre… My personal feeling is that the 2017 chassis has a bit more understeer, the bike turns less, and this is the reason the tyre degradation is in some places a lot worse than with the old chassis. But sincerely, this is my idea, we are not sure.”


Mark Marquez (93) Honda Repsol Team said: “Barcelona … in the end we finished in a good way, so we are very happy…”

“Assen is a good circuit for my style. Maybe in the past it was one of the circuits with the Honda where we struggled, but I believe with the character of this engine this year, we can be even closer….We will see during the weekend but we know that Yamaha here every year are always very strong and last year Ducati were very fast on the dry conditions,”

“My riding style in some corners is a little bit different to some riders, in other corners it is quite similar…Normally you try to brake late and keep the corner speed, try to open the gas earlier, but normally one of my strong points is the brake point… you must be aggressive”

“Here the weather is always a question mark and we must adapt in the conditions as quick as possible.”

Andrea Dovizioso (04) Ducati Team “Now we are in a good situation so we have to keep working…we have to try to improve that point and if we are able to improve a little bit, we have a chance to fight with all the great riders.”

“You have to be focused every weekend because there is a different story, so here is a completely different track, different grip and a completely different layout, so we will see. We go into the weekend in a relaxed way…and we need to be really focused from the first practice.”

Cal Crutchlow (35) “I had some great offers… HRC made just as good an offer if not better, it means I get to stay with the same team, the team I worked with for the past three years. For me to change and go somewhere else I don’t see the point… I’m here to win… I’m happy with where I am … What I wanted, I got. Why would I think of changing? Why would I leave?”

“I probably won’t have to do any more days than what we do now, because lately, fuck, I haven’t stopped riding the motorbike. What I do in the tests, I just evaluate things.
“It’s also the speed I evaluate things at. It might take someone a full day to evaluate something. It takes me five laps. Normally it’s the right direction.”