Isn’t he the best?
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Isn’t he the best?

“Of course, this weekend I feel extra pressure and another motivation, but the motivation is related about I like to speak on the track. There is a way. So for that reason, I tried to open a big gap today. That’s it.”

“When I feel extra pressure I like it and I feel more comfortable. Sometimes is opposite, but this weekend was in a good way. That gives me that extra push that in that change direction you need.”


“No, this was not the easiest win but is the first time that I approach in a different way the race. Normally every year I was waiting behind somebody and then attack at the end because then the race is shorter and I prefer.

“Honestly, after what happened in Argentina, today I changed my strategy and I tried to lead from the beginning and open the gap because I feel in the practice that it was possible. Then I do. When I saw five seconds, then Viñales was there and then I pushed a little bit more. I increased to seven seconds and then I stayed there for just finish the race.”