Maverick Viñales – opinion about the race
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Maverick Viñales – opinion about the race

Maverick Viñales said that chosing that type of tyres helped to win the French Grand Prix at Le Mans, for the third time this year.

He was struggling with Johann Zarco and Rossi . Viñales took the lead from Zarco on the 7th lap of 28, his (M) front and rear tyre choice helped him edge away from Zarco.

“Keeping up with Johann in the early laps of the race was hard, he was really fast and with the full tank we were not so strong as him,” said Viñales.

“He was exiting from the corners really good and really fast. Then his tyre started to drop a little bit and our tyre started to work good on the rear, and lap by lap I was feeling better.”

“I feel sorry for the riders that crashed in the race because never is it nice to crash and I had that feeling in Austin, and it is very bad. When I saw Marquez out, I said today is a race not to make any mistakes, finish on the podium and try to do my best.”

“Valentino did a small mistake and I passed, and then I knew I was released on sector three. I was trying to do my best and doing my fastest lap at the end was really nice.”

“When I saw he made a mistake I braked as late as I can and I took a lot of risks because I went with full pressure on the brakes and leaning a lot, but it was good for me because the bike had good grip on the front. I was waiting on the last lap because I knew Valentino didn’t want to give up. When I crossed the line I felt so good and I was feeling like my first win in Le Mans”

“The team was working on an incredible level this weekend, I hope we can continue like that. For sure the tyres were working really good here.”